New Year For Trees and Our Planet.

As we embark on this new year many may look back over the past year with a cringe. After all, fire and storms have ravaged the world. Instead, we ask you to look forward and act.
Act for our planet and act for our children, plant trees.  Most yards can benefit from additional shade and all the benefits a tree provides: rain capture; carbon sequestration; temperature reduction/moderation; soil conservation; air purification.
If your yard isn't suitable for more trees, you can consider donating funds or labor to your local environmental organizations, and/or your local government agencies, to plant trees and maintain trees on private and public lands.
Private you say? Isn't that asking a lot? Well, maybe not. Remember private land shares our air space, air is not stagnant, and certainly not private.
Ojai Trees is only one organization that is working on this issue across the country and thankfully, across the world.
Step up, get involved. The time is now.
Happy New Year from Ojai Tees,