Troop 3502 Digs their First Ojai Trees Planting Day!

Ojai Trees welcomed some new cub-power for the first of our fall plantings last Saturday. Tiger Boy Scout Troop 3025 learned the right way to plant a tree and had great fun doing it. 
First, trained Ojai Trees members taught the kids tool safety, and then we jumped right in teaching them the best way to start digging the hole( and there is an art to it.) Next the boys learned how wide and deep to make the hole for the tree's new home. After the hole was properly dug and measured, they learned the correct way to place the tree in the hole, and then how to add back the amended soil to promote heathy growth. The final step was creating a berm  and properly watering the new tree. 
It was a great day reminding us all what a strong community we are all part of! 
Thanks Troop 3502!
We have one last planting date until spring, November 18. If you'd like to order a tree the last day to order is November 13. Just contact us to volunteer or order at